Benefits of an Attic Fan Installation Explained by Beverly Hills Electrician

You have probably discovered your home isn’t quite as cool as you would like it to be this summer. You may have turned the AC down a few degrees trying to achieve the perfect, comfortable temperature for you to relax in, but just can’t seem to get there. The heat seems to become stifling in the evening for many homes. This can usually be blamed on all the heat that is trapped in the attic of a home. A Beverly Hills electrician can help you eliminate all that trapped heat with the installation of an attic fan. The team at H Electric is here to help you make your home more comfortable without running up your electric bill and possibly damaging your air conditioner.

The attic fans use a fraction of the electricity of an air conditioner. The fans are typically placed on a thermostat that will automatically turn the fan on when the air temperature of the attic reaches a certain point. The fan pulls the hot air out of the attic and pushes it outside while pulling in the cooler air from the outdoors. Attic fans are usually placed inside the attic with the intake fan placed under an eave. The area under the eave is in shadows and the air will be cooler than the air in an area that is exposed to the sun.

Because there is wiring involved, the job needs to be completed by an electrician. Beverly Hills residents will be able to feel the difference in the air temperature in their home within the first few hours of the attic fan running. Homeowners will see the difference the attic fans make on their first electric bill following the installation. If you want to help keep your home cool this summer, give H Electric a call today and schedule your attic fan installation.

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