3 Easy Electric Cords Organization Tips by Beverly Hills Electrician

We love electricity. How can we not? It gives us so many great things and makes our lives so much easier. Unfortunately, there is one pesky problem with electricity—electrical cords! It seems like they get in the way of working in the kitchen, become tripping hazards in the living room and the various cords for your chargers are always at risk of being yanked out or smashed. A Beverly Hills electrician has a solution to help you keep your electrical cords neat and orderly. You can count on the team at H Electric to provide you with more tips about electric safety.

In areas like around your television or your computer desk, you will probably note there are several cords that tend to get jumbled up and look a little unsightly. Isn’t it amazing how cords can become so tangled with no effort at all? In some cases, you can simply hide the cords and never think about them again, but in others, they create an unsightly mess. Try some of these free, inventive ways to organize all of your cords, including your data lines and various computer equipment cords provided by an electrician. Beverly Hills residents will want to start saving those little plastic bread clips to do the first one.

1-Use bread ties to label cords. Use a marker to label a cord, i.e. PC or Printer and attach it to the right cord.

2-Save your old toilet paper rolls to use as organizers for cords that are not in use. Put the cardboard tubes upright in a box. Roll your old cell phone charger cords or data cable and place one in each tube. Label the tubes for better organization.

3-Use black binder clips to keep your computer cords right where you need them. Slip the cord through the clip and attach the clip to the edge of the desk.

These are just a few ways you can organize your cords. If you need electrical help or have any questions, give H Electric a call today.

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