Summer Storms Require Generator Says Beverly Hills Electrician

With summer approaching, it is time to get ready for some of the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out. Thunderstorms can get pretty wild with high winds, heavy rains and of course, lightning. Each of those weather situations can knock out power alone, but when you combine all three, which is what happens in a severe thunderstorm, it is almost a guarantee the power will go out. You may be okay with that for a while, but if you didn’t have to go without power, wouldn’t you do it? A Beverly Hills electrician can help you stay out of the dark by installing a standby generator. The team at H Electric is ready to help you get ready to ride out the summer storms.

A standby generator is installed outside your home. Typically, the generator is installed in back or on the side of the house. It looks unassuming and is contained inside a metal box similar to an electrical box. The generator is hard-wired to the home through the electric panel. Depending on the size of the generator, you can opt to have the entire home run off the generator or just a few breakers that power a few rooms. Because of the intricate nature of the wiring, you will need to hire an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will want to discuss the various sizes with a qualified electrician.

One of the major bonuses to having a standby generator versus a portable generator is the ease with which the generator restores the home’s power. You will only need to flip a switch or simply wait a few second while the standby generator kicks on. There is no need to go about starting the generator and running electrical cords. During the installation process, your electrician will explain all of the basics to you. If you would like to schedule your generator installation, give H Electric a call today.

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