Keeping Kids Safe Around Electricity by Beverly Hills Electrician

It is never too early to teach children about the dangers of electricity. Nearly everything we do today, has something to do with electricity. Even our children’s toys tend to be electrical in nature. The tablets and iPads they play with must be charged as well as their cellphones, laptops and music players. We love our electrical gadgets, but we must make sure we are using them safely and teaching our children how to be safe around electricity. A Beverly Hills electrician has some advice for you and your children. You can rely on H Electric to keep you in the know and provide you with information about electricity.

Always teach children that electricity and water do not mix. Kids will often plug in their gadgets and place them near the sink while they get ready for school or wash dishes or what not. This is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. You can help prevent electric shock by having GFI outlets installed in the kitchen and bathroom by an electrician. Beverly Hills residents may not be able to watch the kids every second, but they can take steps to protect family members who don’t always listen.

Remind your kids that they should never climb trees or fly their remote control helicopters or airplanes in an area where power lines are running overhead. This same advice should be followed by parents who may be doing some work outside and need to use a ladder. Be aware of your surroundings. It isn’t only the air you have to look out for. If you are doing any digging, you will need to call as well to make sure you don’t run into any underground wiring.

Give H Electric a call today if you would like to learn more about electric safety or would like to have your home made safer with the installation of GFI outlets.

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