Keeping Your Home Electrically Safe – Using an Electrician in Beverly Hills

Electricity was once a luxury to many, and now it’s a day-to-day necessity for all. Whether it’s hot or cold, you need proper heating and air conditioning functionality. In times of safety or trouble, you also need proper lighting. Aside from the basics, you need to be certain that your home is electrically safe at all times. Faulty electrical wiring is not only unsafe, but it’s unwise—should matters such as improper wiring not be checked, you could stand to lose your house. A licensed residential or commercial electrician in Beverly Hills CA and will be able to proactively discover and correct any electrical safety issues you need to be aware of.

Informal Inspection

Before you meet with a Beverly Hills electrician, do an informal electrical home inspection of your own.

GFCI Outlets Save Lives

Take a walk around your house and check all of your electrical outlets and appliances. You should not be able to see any exposed or visible electrical wires, and the wiring should be updated (cloth or exposed wiring is a major fire and safety hazard).

It is also recommended that you purchase and install GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets near any areas that are close to water. These would be appropriate for your kitchen area, bathrooms, the garage, and even outdoor areas. These types of outlets are relatively cheap to install and can protect you and your family from fatal electrical shocks.

Two-prong plugs for outlets are also relatively common, especially in older homes. This could possibly be a sign that your electrical system is not grounded. Even if you now have three-prong plugs, you may still need to have a ground wire added for optimal safety. This is something to add to your checklist and consult with a Beverly Hills electrician about.

Whole House Surge Protectors

Check to see how many surge protectors you have in use. Many people commonly use surge protectors for computers and other electronic devices. You may indeed need to use surge protectors for most other devices in your home, as well as a whole house surge protector. If a power surge ever occurs in your home, it could possibly damage your home entertainment center, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, and so on. Purchasing and installing a whole house surge protector system could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Lighting and Appliance Checklist

Go room by room and verify that all lighting and plugged in devices work properly. For instance, check your lamps and light bulbs, televisions, stereos, refrigerators, and anything with an electrical outlet for proper functionality. If anything does not work well or if anything is in poor condition, you should dispose of the items or unplug them until you can have them rewired. Rewiring lamps, appliances, or other electrical devices can be done inexpensively, and for electrical safety purposes it’s recommended that a professional should do so. Also, make sure that you have smoke detectors installed, that the batteries are relatively new, and that they function properly. All smoke detectors that are high-quality have a built-in testing function that you should be able to use. Anything beyond basic QA should be referred to an electrician. Beverly Hills-based electrical contractors can also take a tour around your home or business property and detect specific vulnerable areas that need to be tended to.

About Your Electrical Wiring

Currently, most houses come equipped with copper electrical wiring. Any home built before the 1970s, however, may very well have aluminum wiring installed, and this type of electrical wiring is a safety hazard. As time goes on, connectivity and splicing for aluminum wiring can fail, and this is a fire hazard as well as a possible cause of shock. You’ll need to consult with a professional about a wiring upgrade or retrofitting. Make sure you find a qualified electrician in Beverly Hills CA that knows about aluminum wiring replacement in particular.

Your Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Electricity overload can cause your wiring to melt, and cause electrical shocks and fire damage. If your circuit breakers and fuses are old, they will not work properly and your current won’t flow correctly. This too could prove to be a safety hazard. You’ll need an up to date circuit breaker installed. Older fuses may not be the proper size, either. These are things to add to your safety checklist and ask a Beverly Hills electrician about in order to ensure your property is up to current safety standards.

Recommended Assessments for Your Electrician In Beverly Hills

Once you’ve completed your informal inspection, it’s time to take your findings to your local electrical service and repair professional. They’ll have special testing equipment that can also help you to determine if your property is fully grounded. Other important things to inquire about include electrical rewires, wiring replacement, home landscape lighting, new electrical circuits and outlets, installation and replacement of fixtures, ceiling fans, panel upgrades, GFCI wiring, smoke detector installation, and general troubleshooting.

We’re here to help you and keep your home and business property up to code, safe, and sound. Make sure to contact us to help you find the best electrician in Beverly Hills CA.


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