Kitchens and Closets Brightened with LEDs by Electrician in Beverly Hills

Have you ever been working in your kitchen, maybe chopping vegetables and wished your counter space was lit up a little better? Often times as you lean over your cutting board, you block the overhead light casting a shadow on your workspace. You can remedy that problem with the installation of under counter LED lights by an electrician. Beverly Hills residents can count on H Electric to take care of the wiring and installation of these handy lights.

If you have seen LEDs, you have probably noticed they are very bright despite being very small. Another reason they are so desirable is because the lights are extremely energy efficient. Each bulb uses just a mere 36 watts, but produces such concentrated light it looks like much more. LED light strips can be bought in one long strip and cut down to size for placement under several cupboards. The strips are mounted directly to the bottom of the cupboard and will not take up any space at all.

You can also talk with your electrician in Beverly Hills about mounting the light strips in closets. It is helpful to have the strips mounted to a closet wall near the bottom. This will illuminate the area and allow you to clearly see your shoes. There is nothing worse than pulling shoes out of a dark closet that are similar shades, but not matching. The LEDs can be placed directly onto a headboard as well and will provide plenty of light to read by. The lights are extremely versatile and can be placed nearly anywhere. If you are worried the lights may be a little too bright, you don’t have to be. You can have a dimmer switch installed to adjust the brightness of the lights. This gives you the freedom to have a lot of light or just a little. Give H Electric a call today and schedule your LED light strip installation.

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