Reduce Phantom Power, Electrician in Beverly Hills Explains

Did you know that no matter if you sat in a completely dark house, with all of your appliances turned off, you would still be using electricity? Of course your refrigerator, water heater and freezer will be drawing electricity, but what about the rest of the little things? Does your toaster, cell phone charger or television draw power when it isn’t turned on? YES! An electrician in Beverly Hills is here to explain phantom power and how it is costing you money every day. If you want more details, give H Electric a call.

Basically, phantom power is the current that is pulled from an outlet by anything that is plugged in. This means everything, even if it is turned off or not in use, is drawing power. All of those things on the kitchen counter that you only use on occasion, like your toaster, mixer, can opener and so on are using electricity. You can stop the phantom power by unplugging these appliances when they are not in use.

Another way to save on your Beverly Hills electrical power bill is to unplug all of those chargers you use for your phone, laptops, tablets or other technical gadgets. These chargers are drawing electricity, even if there is no phone or other device on the other end. This applies to your television or entertainment systems as well as you desktop computer. To save money, you want to cut power to these devices. It can be a royal pain to try and unplug every little thing, but you can achieve the same thing by using power strips for areas where a lot of items will be plugged in.

Although phantom power is fairly minimal, it still adds up. When you are trying to save every dollar you can, reducing phantom power is just one option. If you would like to hear more energy savings tips, give H Electric a call today.

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