Air Circulation Made Easy with Fan Installation by Electrician Beverly Hills Homeowners Trust

Air circulation is critical in your home. It keeps you cool, it keeps you warm and it keeps your home dry. To help homeowners achieve this goal, there are a variety of different fans designed to do just that. Because there are some electrical safety hazards related to the installation of the various fans, it is a good idea to hire an electrician. Beverly Hills residents can call on the reliable H Electric to complete a fan installation job.

Ceiling Fans

Ideally, a ceiling fan is installed in the middle of a living space. During the winter, the fan is used to circulate the warm air around. This is especially helpful if you rely on a wood burning stove. During the summer, the breeze created by the fan blades turning helps to keep you cool and comfortable. Many people choose to have fans installed in bedrooms as well. In many cases, fans are equipped with lights and can replace the light fixture in the room for even easier installation. If there is no fixture available, an electrician will need to install one.

Bath Fans

Hot showers create a great deal of humidity. If the humid condition is allowed to persist, you will see mold and mildew growth, “sweating” on the fixtures and surfaces and possible wallpaper peeling. To prevent this from happening, a bath fan should be installed by an electrician. Beverly Hills homeowners will appreciate saving their furnishings and construction by having the humid air pulled out of the room and ventilated outside.

There are plenty of fans on today’s market that include lights and are aesthetically appealing. Some of the higher end models also include heaters that help keep the bathroom warm and comfortable without all the moisture. Talk with the professionals at H Electric to learn what fan will be right for your bathroom.

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