Beverly Hills Electrician – What Is a Fuse Box?

Your fuse box is the metal box that is installed either inside or outside of your home. It was installed by an electrician in Beverly Hills whenever your home was constructed, and has a hinged door to protect the components inside. If your home was built before 1960, it was likely built with a fuse box. If it was constructed after 1960, then it likely has a breaker panel instead.

Whether it contains breakers or fuses, this box is the primary entry point for electricity into your home. It takes the electricity from the utility company and distributes it through the circuits in your home. Whenever there is an electrical overload, then the fuse attached to that particular circuit is designed to fail. This will cause the power to stop flowing to all of the devices in that circuit. In most cases, the box also contains a switch that will shut off power to your entire home.

Whenever you blow a fuse, you will need to very carefully replace the fuse with an identically sized replacement. The inside of your box contains a number of threaded sockets, called Edison sockets. This is where your fuses screw in. When replacing a fuse, start by unplugging everything on that circuit. Then go to your fusebox, shut off the main power and remove the blown fuse. You can then replace it with a fuse with matching amps.

If your fuses blow frequently, or if you just don’t want to deal with fuses anymore, get in touch with our team at H Electric ( Homes that still use fuse boxes often have undersized electrical systems, which require upgrading in order to handle the amount of electricity that you require on a day to day basis. As a Beverly Hills electrician, it is our pleasure to examine your system and provide you with our professional recommendation.

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