Beverly Hills Electrician – Importance of Home Electrical Safety

All across the country, millions of people are being careless while using appliance and their electrical systems. Without realizing it, they are using electricity in a way that can expose themselves to electrical shock and fire hazards. This includes overloading electrical sockets, leaving unattended appliances on and letting the tumble dryer run overnight. One good way to prevent electrical mishaps is to turn off all appliances after you are done using them. You should also make it a point to check for any faulty wiring or damaged electrical components.

Why Is Electrical Safety Important?

The United States had an estimated 46,500 home structure fires resulting from electrical malfunction or failure. These fires caused 1,520 civilian injuries, 420 civilian deaths and over $1.5 billion in property damage. Because of recent increases in electrical fires, there has been an increased push for electrical safety education and ways to improve the overall electrical safety of our communities.


Any appliances that have damaged cords should be removed or replaced. If you think that an appliance may work after being repaired, consult an electrician in Beverly Hills first. This is much preferred to doing it yourself, unless you are an electrician. You should also turn off all appliances before leaving your home. Unattended ovens, heaters and stoves can cause fires while you are not watching them. You should also ensure that you provide the proper amount of space around and between appliances to help prevent overheating. Extension cords should only be used as a temporary solution and only in dry areas.

By following the above tips about appliance safety, and being aware of your electrical surroundings, you can prevent many of the mishaps that lead to electrical shock and fires. If you have any other questions or concerns about the electrical safety of your home, give us a call at H Electric. We also have further information at

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