Electric Car Owners Need Beverly Hills Electrician

As our society moves to more environmentally friendly cars the need for charging stations is increasing.  While most of these stations can simply be plugged into an outlet in the garage, there are some who will need the services of an experienced Beverly Hills electrician in order to maximize their fuel-efficient vehicles.

120-volt vs. 240-volt Charging Stations

Although electric cars can be charged with a station that runs on 120 volts, it takes longer to get a full charge. To help you understand it a little better, read on. A standard appliance like your microwave operates on a 120-volt circuit. A 240-volt circuit runs larger appliances like your dryer or air conditioning unit. Electric car chargers work double time when connected to 240 volts. If you drive your car a great deal, you will benefit from having a charger that is fast enough to keep up with your busy schedule.

Can Your Home Support a 240-volt Charger?

Before the decision to install one of these higher powered outlets can be made, an electrician in Beverly Hills will need to do a home inspection to determine whether your home electrical panel can support the requirements of a 240-volt charger. A charger of this magnitude requires a dedicated 30 to 40 amp circuit breaker. Homes that have been built in the last 10 to 20 years should be just fine. Older homes may need further modification, which may include an upgrade to the electrical panel. H Electric will help you determine what you need to install one of these fast chargers.

Upgrading Your Current Garage Outlet

H Electric can help you get your car charged in half the time by installing one of these dedicated circuits in your garage or wherever you normally plug in your charging station. If you are interested in finding out more about this option for your plug-in electric call, give your Beverly Hills electrician a call.

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