Electrician Beverly Hills – How do Breaker Panels Give You Safety?

In order to provide you with the amount of electricity that you need every day, your breaker panel should be able to provide at least 100 amps of power. In older homes, it was common for an electrical panel to have the capacity of only 60 amps. This is not sufficient for most homeowners’ everyday needs. If you live in a home where many electrical devices are in use at any given time, you should have an electrical panel with at least a 200 amp capacity to ensure that your power needs are being met at all times.

You can get a rough estimate of how much power your needs by glancing at the devices that you will be using. Each device has a number rating listed on it somewhere. You can add up these number ratings to get a pretty good idea of how much electrical capacity you need in order to power them all. You should check the ratings on devices that you use frequently, such as microwaves, refrigerators, coffee pots, crock pots, televisions, computers, you dish washer, washer and dryer, and air conditioner.

Your breaker panel serves as both the initial entry for electricity in your home and as a safeguard against unsafe levels of electrical current. If you have an outdated or undersized electrical panel, then you need to have an electrician in Beverly Hills come assess and possibly upgrade your electrical panel. Having an undersized electrical panel can place you in a situation that is both very annoying and potentially unsafe. At the least, you will trip more breakers, leading to more trips out to flip it back to the on position. As the worst, you could experience overheating which could lead to an electrical fire.

If you experience frequent breaker trips, or have concerns about your electrical system, fuse box or breaker panel, get in touch with H Electric right away.

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