Ask Your Electrician Beverly Hills – Get to Know your Circuit Breakers and Fuses

It can be obnoxious whenever the electrical components in your home shut off unexpectedly. Whether you lose the lights, your oven stops working or your heating and air unit turns off, it can be a great disruption to your everyday activities. Luckily, many of these minor outages are caused by a problem that is very simple to fix. What I am referring to is a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Whether your home is equipped with an older fusebox and fuses, or a modern breaker panel, this is always the first place that you should go whenever you experience issues with your electricity.

To start, you should consult with an electrician in Beverly Hills if your home is still equipped with a fuse box. These systems are old and outdated. Because of this, they are often not built to handle the amount of electricity that you require on a daily basis. This will result in more frequent outages that can lead to more significant problems when people try to bypass fuses or replace them with oversized replacements.

If you do not know where your breaker panel is, take a few minutes to locate it the next time you have a chance. This way, you know exactly where to go the next time you lose power. When you’re there, open up your breaker panel and look to see if any of your breakers have been tripped. They will either sit in the middle, or in the “off” position. To reset your breaker, simply push it all the way to the “off” position and then flip it back to the “on” position. In many cases, this will completely fix the problem that you are having. If it does not, or if the breaker continues to trip, give us a call at H Electric. You can find all of our contact information at

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