Electrician Beverly Hills – Putting Out an Electrical Fire

Most of us have the knowledge, equipment and skills to put out a fire that starts in our homes. That being said, there are many different types of fire, and you should be familiar with the proper way to put them out. Though it can work in many situations, a standard fire extinguisher is not ideal for taking care of all types of fire. An electrical fire, for example, requires special treatment to ensure that it is extinguished quickly and safely. You should do as much as you can to improve electrical safety in your home. It’s still possible, however, for something to go wrong, causing a fire.

What steps do you need to do if you come across an electrical fire?

  • Call 911 – The first thing that you should do, with any fire, is call 911 to have them dispatch the fire department. Although a fire may seem small, it can very quickly get out of hand. It’s better that they show up as you’re finishing up, than when it’s too late. If it is an electrical fire, let the dispatcher know so that they can be ready.
  • Shut Off the Power – Take a moment to shut off the electricity at the main breaker. You should not do this if your hands are wet, or if the fire is close to your breaker box.
  • Use an Appropriate Fire Extinguisher – Use a multi-purpose ABC or class-C fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. You should not use any other type of fire extinguisher to attempt to put out an electrical fire. Because of this, do not use any fire extinguisher if you do not know what type it is. You can also throw baking soda on the fire, if you do not have an appropriate extinguisher.
  • Leave – If you have trouble extinguishing the fire quickly, leave the area as quickly as you can and wait for emergency help.

It is very important to know how to extinguish an electrical fire. You can avoid most electrical fires, however, with the help of an electrician in Beverly Hills. Take important steps such as having regular electrical safety inspections, not overloading outlets and looking into trouble spots in a timely manner. Call H Electric at any time if you need help with any of your electrical issues.

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