Hank the Handyman Vs. Ed the Electrician: Is There Really A Difference? (Your Beverly Hills Electrician Weighs In.)

Everybody knows that song called “Handyman,” and it might even bring to mind a few positive and nostalgic feelings. For instance, you might want to call a handyman when it comes to needing electrical work, electrical service or electrical repair, or all things electrical.  Beverly Hills, CA consumers deserve much more than “a just okay electrician in Beverly Hills CA.”  Our trustworthy team at H Electric wants to inform you about the differences between using a handyman and a licensed, professional electrical contractor for all your general electrician, electrical maintenance, electrical services or repair needs.

A General Definition: What Is A Handyman / Electrician? – Wikipedia defines a handyman as: “A person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home.” This type of a definition is just what it says: the duties involved are vague, and a handyman typically only takes care of odd jobs around the house. Even if he does indeed present you with a list of his so-called qualifications, you don’t know if he really has the tools of the trade on hand. Even if he did have electrical tools, how would you be able to know enough about his real knowledge and experience when it comes to electrician-related or electrical jobs specifically? A licensed electrician most definitely comes in handy when it comes to electrical work around your home or place of business.

A qualified and licensed electrician can work in both home and residential spaces, and is knowledgeable about all legalities, proper electrical tools, due diligence, and tools of the trade involved. Professionals with a specialization in all things electrical are people you should seek out specifically so that you know you’re provided with the right worker for all of your electrical service and electrical repair needs.

Things you should expect from an experienced and licensed electrician include: bath fan replacement, ceiling fan installation, cloth wire replacement, custom lighting service and repair, proper electrical estimates, proper installation regarding electric vehicle chargers, electrical conduit assessment, full house rewires, landscape lighting, new electrical circuits, outlet replacements, panel upgrades, smoke detector and surge protector installations, and other highly specific electrical work that a novice might only dabble in. Novices bring negligible safety, cleanup practices, and knowledge to the table. A licensed Beverly Hills electrician knows the lay of the land, and keeps your safety in mind above all.

Consistency: Quality vs. Quantity – All told, there is no true definition of what a handyman is, as this is a catch-all job title that has more to do with a person’s experience and skills than any licensing, certifications, or industry standard regulations. It sounds general and random, because it is. There’s no guarantee of services provided. You’ll find no quality, availability, or consistency beyond a verbal agreement or a possible handshake. In contrast, an electrician by definition is often professionally certified and licensed. With this comes legally-binding work ethics, standards of electrical service and pricing, and professionalism that you won’t find with Hank the Handyman, no matter what the person may tell you or promise to do for you. You might save a few bucks in the short run, but if Hank the Handyman isn’t properly qualified at the onset for electrical-specific services and repairs, cleaning up after his mess is an extremely cost-prohibitive venture. Hire a professional electrician who gets it done right the first time: an electrician in Beverly Hills CA who provides a high quantity of quality work, every single time.

When A Handyman Might Not Come In Handy – Hank the Handyman may very well be a local. However, this is a “buyer beware” type of a situation: handymen are often what’s called “Local…for Now” service providers. Everyone can have business cards made fairly inexpensively these days. What happens when your electrical problem isn’t solved and you need to locate a handyman for a follow up? Does the handyman have a brick-and-mortar business address? Not likely. Even if he’s been in town for more than just a few weeks or a couple of months, the nature of the handyman’s business is first-come, first-serve, and as he’s not an electrical service and repair specialist. He will not be able to provide you with the quick electrical diagnosis and ultra-professional level of electrical work that an electrical contracting professional will. Local and professional electricians are well aware of all current city and state electrical safety regulations and provide electrician services with this information at top of mind. Even if the handyman made a mess of his electrical work beforehand with incorrect wiring or other electrical problems, a qualified electrician can fix it properly, legally, and permanently.

Why Certified Professionals Matter – Make sure that the person doing electrical service work for you is affiliated with a local, easily reachable electrical contracting company. Make sure this individual—and his company—is licensed, properly certified, and insured. Don’t be fooled by Hank the Handyman’s fly-by-night, shoddy service or seemingly cut-rate electrical prices. Getting it done right the first time with Ed the Electrician is less expensive in the long run. You’ll find that it’s safer, more solid, and provides you with peace of mind and quality-centric, lasting electrical repairs.

Ultimately, you make the call: so make sure you call the best electricians in the business! Contact us at H Electric, your Beverly Hills electrician, for more tips and checklists to use when consulting with electrical service professionals.


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