Pool Safety Tips from an Electrician in Beverly Hills

As the weather turns from frosty winter to warm spring and eventually summer, more and more Californians will begin to uncover the swimming pool and prepare it for swimming. One of the biggest issues as you prepare for summer is safety. While the first things that comes into mind is water safety, but another consideration is electrical safety. As you get ready for your summer fun, keep these swimming pool electricity safety tips in mind.

  • Know where the electrical switches and breaker panels are located for all pool equipment as well as how you switch them off in an emergency situation.
  • Do not swim during or immediately after a thunderstorm.
  • Contact an electrician Beverly Hills to inspect and upgrade your pool equipment to meet local codes.
  • Check to make certain all electrical wires and boxes are at minimum five feet from all water.
  • Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) on all circuits required by local ordinance. A good electrician in Beverly Hills will be able to easily complete this task.
  • Regularly test the GFCIs to make certain they are protecting as required. Those GFCIs that are used infrequently should be tested before use. Make sure you rest the device after testing, and always wear shoes when conducting the test.
  • When possible, choose battery-operated appliances for use around the pool.
  • Post an emergency plan that is easily seen by those using the pool.
  • If you are installing a pool from the ground up, try to position it in safe zone from overhead power lines and junction boxes.

These are just a few of the ways you can help make your pool a safer place, at least in terms of electricity. If you need some help preparing your pool for safe use this summer, contact the expert electricians at H Electric and allow us to help you ensure a safe swim.

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